Saturday, February 26, 2011

Overall Comfort

It's been a little while since I've done laundry and I was out of things to wear. After digging through my closet, I found an old pair of overalls. Perfect comfort for the prego belly. As soon as Harrison walked in the door, he stopped, pointed and laughed for about a half an hour. At first, I thought he was making fun of me but then I realized he thought they were completely awesome and he wanted a pair. 

A couple of days later, I just happened to stumble upon a pair of toddler overalls. They were a size too small but from the hanger, they seemed long. I brought them home and he was crazy about them! He insisted on putting them on and showing off his new attire. They really are too short for him but he's not giving them up. Since I've brought them home, he's slept with them in his bed and has carried them around. It's his new lovey.


lab said...

what a little toot!! one can never guess his reaction. bet you two make a cute twinkie pair in your mother/son overalls.

HaydensMom said...

I had two pairs of overalls that I wore just about the whole time I was prego. They we the most comfortable things ever!

Kensho Studio said...

I love overalls ... I bet you two both look very cute in them! You and H will have to go shopping and find a pair for the baby.