Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Be Mine

Now that we've seen the baby, I wanted to buy him/her a couple of special outfits that weren't hand-me-downs from big brother. Finding unisex 0-3 month clothes is actually more difficult than it should be. As of right now, we have two onesies and two beanies (I love babies in beanies). I remember Miss Maryn had the cutest little giraffe and I found one the other day! It's called Sophie Giraffe (named after Saint Sophie) and was first created in 1961. The rubber is from a Heava tree and the coloring is made from food. Click HERE to learn more about this long-necked animal. 


Kensho Studio said...

Cute things for baby!!

lab said...

i agree. new babies should have some new things and not start life with all hand me downs. but i imagine once he/she arrives there will be plenty of new outfits.