Friday, February 4, 2011

No More Cold

The weather has been really cruddy lately. Spring, oh Spring, where are you?

We've been talking about the baby lately. Did I mention Harrison said he has a baby in his belly too? I told him I was not changing that baby's diapers too. 

Here's a recent conversation:

Me: Where is the baby going to sleep? (I never know what kind of answer I'll get)

H: I don't know.

Me: Maybe we need to get a crib.

H: And a mattress too. (always thinking)

Me: Good idea!

H: Oh, the baby will need a dresser, work space and an office. (apparently he's putting the baby to work right away!)

1 comment:

lab said...

dont know if your home office can accomodate three workers. but at least harrison is willing to share.