Sunday, April 24, 2011

3-Year-Old Portraits

Mr. Serious is still getting warmed up to the camera. I realized this year, I always take his yearly pictures on a college campus. It's a great spot, especially on Sundays when there's not many students around. 

And we're finally starting to see a little smile. Still unsure but he's getting there.

This one is my favorite photo. He climbed up and I ran in the other direction to get the full body shot.

Now, we know what he was after. What kid can resist playing in the water?!

I try to always get a profile shot too. Those chubby checks won't last much longer and I'm really going to miss them.

You know you're having fun when the tongue comes out :)

Harrison is showing Dada how it's done and don't be afraid of the freezing water.

He's giving the baby a big strawberry-chocolate hug. 


Kensho Studio said...

Love these pictures. I always think Harrison can't get any cuter ... and he does .... he just cuter in every new picture! I love the one of him hugging the baby!! Happy 3rd Birthday to Harrison!

lab said...

all the pictures are so cute it is hard to choose a favorite. he sure is a pretty boy. enjoyed him this wkend. "he plays well with other children".