Saturday, April 16, 2011

Harrison's 3rd Birthday Party!

It's party day and it's just like a real construction site with no electricity! We thought about having it outside but it was too cold. Instead we opened all the blinds and curtains, then lit a few candles around the house for extra lighting. Here's the invitation I designed for the party. I took graphic elements from the Dimple Prints template I purchased and added the foreman's photo.

I ordered yellow construction hats for all the kids then set up this table for them to decorate the hats with street signs. I found stickers and a map for take-home party favors.

No party would be complete without balloons. From age 1 until now, balloons have always been a big hit. Maybe I should have a balloon theme party next time?

The dessert table was filled with cupcakes, brownies and gummy worms. We intended on making the desserts but it's pretty difficult without power :)

Here's a shot of the cups, plates, utensils and napkins. It was pretty easy finding items to decorate with. I used one of Harrison's toolboxes for the napkin holder.

This is the food station loaded with sandwich meats, cheese, chips and veggies. Check out the chalkboard wall. I finished painting my bargain frames cream and hung them up a couple of days ago. H thinks he needs to put something in the frames.

Gotta have lots of water on a construction site.

Man, kids really grow up fast these days. At the end of the party, I noticed my three-year-old grew a mustache! 


Kensho Studio said...

Oh wow! What a wonderful party!!! You did such a great job with all the decorations! Even the water bottles had sp. labels. I can't imagine tackling all that without power!! Love the pic of the b-day boy with his mustache!! Too cute!

lab said...

loved the party. you did such a wonderful job. where do you get all the energy? kinda think mr mustache liked it too.