Thursday, April 7, 2011

Before and After Chair

Here's my "before" shot of a chair I found at an Estate Sale for 15 bucks. I love the carvings and design.

My assistant helped me clean it up and remove the bottom cushion.

We sanded the rough spots and gave it a fresh coat of black paint.

I found this fabric which was over 2 yards for $5.99. I have plenty left over so I'll save it for a future project. I'd like to find a small green rectangle pillow for the back. Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome.


designergirl007 said...

I love you photogoo. I love you, your family, your blog and your creativity.... just wanted to let you know that today... Have a great weekend!

lab said...

that fabric worked out wonderful. i still have two large boxes of fabric that dates back probably ten years. i have project ideas--but they never get past the idea stage. you do good work.