Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday Countdown

Harrison is SUPER excited about his birthday next week. I realized today I haven't designed his invitation yet so I tried to get him to pose in his hard hat. We're having a construction theme and he thinks we should go ahead and decorate the house now. 


Shannon said...

His invitation was so cute! We are trying to work it out so at least one of us can come! We are going to Searcy this weekend for Cody's birthday and then the weekend after H's party we are going to LR for Easter. But I'm planning on coming down for H's party and staying the week in LR.

Love the candlesticks!

Your hydrangeas are a little ahead of ours but ours are starting to come up. I'm so excited! I look forward to those out of all my plants! Hopefully you will get blooms. I didn't the first year but that was because we had a really late hard freeze that set them back a year.

lab said...

grandpa and i are looking forward to harrisons 3rd. three years old! where did all the time go. seems like i have loved him forever.