Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, Harrison told me he didn't know the kids' names in his class at school. Being as brilliant as I am (only kidding, far from it), I wrote down all the names from the valentines he received. As I was reading the list to him, he didn't say a word until I got to a certain child (who will remain nameless) and H said "oh, he doesn't cooperate, the teacher is always telling him, don't do that, don't do that." I tried not to bust out laughing! I had no idea he knew the word cooperate and he managed to use it in the right context. I continued reading and H stopped me at another child's name and he said "oh, he doesn't listen either." I have a strong feeling I know who the trouble makers are :)

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Kensho Studio said...

I love this story .... what a hoot that he knows who's in trouble for what! And that he knows the word cooperate!!! Let us know what he says next time you tell him you need him to "cooperate" with you! hee hee!
PS when I saw the list of names, before reading, I thought it was a list of baby names. do you have any in mind??