Thursday, August 30, 2012

Confessions of a Non-Soccer Mom

I put "Non-Soccer Mom" b/c I'm clueless still. We've been waiting for this day for weeks now. I picked out the shin guards, grabbed the ball and we were good to go. I was a little nervous b/c I wasn't sure if he'd go (you never know) AND if he'd enjoy it. Before we were leaving, Ryan asked if he had any tall socks. I immediately thought of his bright orange Halloween socks and pulled out a pair of his ankle socks b/c they somewhat match his shirt. Non-athletic me, didn't realize you wear long socks OVER your shin guards. Oh brother. AND I forgot to get him soccer shoes. Jeez. Also, if you're a veteran you bring a large container of water and folding camp chairs. Here I was lunging around a big heavy purse running around after Waverly. 

Thank goodness, H didn't really notice any of this! He was quite the trooper and it made my heart swell with love seeing him out there and not giving up. We're so proud of him. His coaches Kat and Karl are pretty awesome too. Thanks guys for making it so much fun! I'll have it together next week!

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lab said...

guess the non soccer mom was more prepared today. thank the lord my kids had an in the know dad, bet it will be a lot better when the temperature drops. about waverly, dont think that will allow for you to watch much soccer. give her a spoon and let her dig in the dirt--bring looooots of baby wipes. hope harrison loves it and know he will be awesome.