Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Living

My sister was flying in today and I was a little behind on some free-lance projects so Ryan watched the monkeys and I headed to the library. I just love that place. It's nice to get some work done and people watch :)

I had plans for these hardback books that I scored at a yard sale...unfortunately it POURED on them! The one time in two months we get a decent rain look what happens. Oh well, we desperately needed the wet stuff.

Oh Harrison, you are quite the character. Lately he's been wanting to dress himself so why not?! Well, he's very particular about his socks, can't be too short or too thick. Today these were the only clean ones that met the criteria. Then he informed me that halloween was coming up. Grandpa would be so proud.

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lab said...

i do bet grandpa was smiling down on mr. h