Sunday, August 26, 2012

Funny Guy

As I was going through our books, I found this Far Side one. Remember those? Well, I placed it in the bathroom knowing that one of the boys would find it ;) Harrison came out and said it was so funny. Later when he thought he was sleeping, he came into the living room and showed us how he bookmarked all the funny pages. 

H: Look Mama, this is SOOOO funny. He has SOOOO many babies!

Independence. Sometimes when they are young you long for the days they can do things for themselves. Then when they surprise you and do it, it's a little sad. Does this make sense?! Anyways occasionally Harrison brushes his teeth by himself. We can always tell b/c he lives a trail behind. No wonder were going through more tubes than usual :)

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lab said...

harrison is pretty good at brushing his teeth. i think he will take after you and ryan since you started him at such a young age.