Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 2, Stitches 2

Yep, it's the 2nd day of school and we're in the ER at the Children's Hospital!!! And we thought W would be the first one to get stitches!

His teacher called and said there had been an accident at recess and I needed to pick him up. I freaked out when I saw all the blood on his little shirt. BUT he had the whole office laughing and he was crackin funnies left and right. It didn't phase him at all. Apparently he hit the back of his head on the rock wall/fence. Jeez. Day two and everyone knows who Mr H is! Let's hope next week is uneventful!!!


Unknown said...

My baby had a boo boo :(

Anonymous said...

Poor Baby!

Kensho Studio said...

Oh, Poor Harrison! Sounds like it was no big deal to him though! What a little trooper! Bet the hospital staff loved him. Give him a hug for us!