Thursday, August 23, 2012

Herding Cats

I did it. I was called to herd cats yesterday. Actually, I volunteered for afternoon recess duty at H's school. First, I've never been in charge of that many kids so it was a little overwhelming. Imagine 17 of them just waiting to bust loose. The other class joined us so that's another 18 but 2 other wranglers. 

WHAT you have to use the bathroom? Okay . . . heard a LOT of meowing from the stall . . . you okay? . . . . MEOW. . . MEOW. . . MEOOOWW. . . I guess that's a yes . . . MEOW, kitty needs her bottom wiped MEOW. . . (real convo, not making this up)! . . . okay (good thing I'm an experienced cowgirl)! 

We'll see what kind of adventures I have next week on the plains/playground.

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lab said...

i love this picture!!!!!