Monday, December 17, 2012

Brie Baby

Our baby is quite the character. Ryan sent me this pic. She wanted him to open the fridge then she picked out the spreadable brie (which BTW is wonderful with provolone, pepper bacon and a honey crisp apple on deli bread). She was eating it by the spoonful!

Harrison, Waverly and Dun all have a fascination with stickers. I actually am pretty fond of them too. I'm sure my sticker books are around here somewhere :)

It was SO good getting hugs from everyone today. Sometimes that what you need to know everything is going to be alright. Also, my heart goes out to all the families in CT. Such a senseless crime and innocence lost for so many.

H's teacher is the greatest and below is a part of her email about the tragedy:

Finally, I want you to know how much the events that took place in Newtown affected me.  It KILLED me that the day that this happens, I was at home and not with your children.  I couldn't sleep last night, as thoughts were continuously going through my head about what I would do if something happened to these kids.  I never think of myself as their protector, just simply as their educator and hopefully a mentor of sorts.  I now feel the impact of the trust you have in me each and every day as you leave your prized possession in my hands, and in my care.  Thank you thank you.  These children are my world, and I truly think of them as my own.  I am as invested in this job and in these children as I could possibly be.
I hugged every child as tight as I could this morning and let them know how thankful I am for them and how much I love them. 
We have SO much to be thankful for, and so much to pray for this Christmas season.

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Ryan said...

I love setting her up at her table with a spoon and some brie. So funny for some reason.