Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Website Wednesday - ETC. and me Etsy Store

Well...I finally did it! My Esty Store is officially open and ready for business. YAY! Click HERE to check it out. You might want to go ahead and bookmark it since you'll want to check it out often ;) I've already had my first sale...AND it was from a complete stranger. I'm working on adding at least 30 more items. I've photographed them, it just takes a little time to create all the listings. 

The letter stamping pieces are all created by me. My sis and I brainstormed on the phrases. I have quite a few other ones I'd like to add but I need to sell more before I put anymore money into it :)

There are TONS of ideas swarming around in my head so you'll have to check the store site to see what I've been up to. Going to hit the Craft Guild Show this weekend for inspiration. Any feedback on my store or items would be greatly appreciated!


Melissa Cole said...

Congrats on the new store!!

Melissa Bruning said...

What an achievement sis!
Looks amazing!!!