Sunday, December 2, 2012


Guess who's back this season???? It's Pulpe, actually it's Dun. Harrison changed his name this year. Baby's favorite word is Done which she pronounces Dun. It's pretty cute when she hands you her bowl and says "dun, dun, dun."

So I've had a chance to reflect on yesterday and thought I would write down my thoughts. I'm not giving up on my designs. I had great pep talks from my hubby, sister and mom, and they all agreed I should keep moving forward. Yesterday wasn't all a bust, I learned several things. First know your market, which it was hard b/c I wasn't sure who to expect. Almost everyone who came by the booth loved my book page trees and wreath (which I sold the wreath and two trees). These are items I cannot ship and would only make for local events. The holiday decor items received the most comments. A lot of people told me the booth looked great so I think I'm fine in that department. 

One lady took some of my business cards and was going to post them on the bulletin board where she works. YIKES, I realize now that my information is on both sides of my card so I need to fix that. One-sided is best especially if you're leaving them on a table. I also need to include a brief description on the cards. I also met another vendor who works for a national jewelry brand. She talked about having hostess parties (let me know if anyone is interested) and events like last night are for connections. She also invited me to attend their monthly marketing meeting. So I may have come out with a new friend too!

And lastly, a special shout-out to my sister who landed her biggest movie yet! You can read all about her adventures HERE.

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