Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just Smile

I told H to make Baby smile. I was thinking he would say something funny to her but instead he literally made her smile.

These two monkeys just melt my heart. Harrison is a talker with a sweet heart. He believes Lego invented everything (Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribean, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings). He's never seen those movies but knows all the Lego figures. Ha! He loves listening to us read him stories and it's constantly curious about how stuff works. 

Miss Waverly is talking more and more. Her favorite words are bite and hot. Whenever she's hungry, she hits the fridge and says "bite, bite." No matter what I give her to eat, she always says "hot, hot" and tries to blow on it. Every night, she says "nite, nite" to everyone and gives us hugs. She loves Pink Bear and babies. If we see a baby in public, she has to scoop him/her out and say "baby."

At last, these two are finally old enough to really enjoy each others company. The other day they spent almost two hours hanging out and running from room to room. I love the relationship they have with each other. I hope they will always be close :)

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Ryan said...

Where was this? Little rascals and taking things so literally.