Sunday, December 16, 2012

Creative Birthday

As someone who has a December birthday it can be kinda a bummer. Too cold for outdoor fun and most people are pretty busy this time of year. WELL, we went to one of the most creative birthday parties today. First the kinds decorated not one but TWO cookies. They had frosting, sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows, everything you needed. Luckily the weather was beautiful so the kiddos were able to go outside on the huge tree swing. They came back inside and decorated ornaments with stickers and paint. Then it was cupcake time. All the kids had a great time. Perfect theme for this time of year and their age :)

Ryan sent me this picture of Dun. I think Hearts tied him up to the vacuum?! 

I decided to make the journey to stay with Andria, visit friends and see the crew from the office. I have been thinking about Kristin a lot and realizing how precious time is. I wondered what if they would have stop for gas...she would still be here. But I've had to remind myself that God has a plan for us and to trust it. I know she did not suffer and her husband is going to make it. Life is just hard sometimes.

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