Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Update!

My friend Michele sent me this sweet "Happy Pregnancy" card. She's so creative and it just makes me smile looking at it. 

Today was an exciting doctor's appointment. I've entered into the third trimester so now I'll start going every three weeks. The baby's heart rate is 135-142 (nice and strong). I'm measuring 23 centimeters which means the baby is a good size. AND I've gained 7 pounds in the past four weeks!!! Oink, oink. I thought I've felt bigger and apparently I was right :) 


Kensho Studio said...

Thanks for featuring my card Amanda and thank you for your kind compliments! I'm so glad you like it. I have been looking at different ideas of things I could make for the baby. Without thinking, I keep looking at "girly" things ... so I guess I must think you are having a girl! ( it's so much fun not knowing!) Glad to hear the baby is doing well
and growing well too!

lab said...

love the idea of a "happy pregnancy" card. seems like you and your friends are all creative.

lab said...

it seems you are doing everything right. look how perfect harrison turned out. and you are so far from being oink oink! keep up the good work. can hardly wait to get my hands on that sweet little #6.