Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nashville Retreat

One of the best parts of this weekend, was the fresh homemade bread left outside of our front door every morning. Since I'm used to getting up early, I was able to snag it while it was still warm.

Here's a shot of the pool area and pond. Too bad it wasn't a couple of months later.

Down the hill is where we stayed. It had a carport next to the house which gave us plenty of ideas for our backyard.

Ryan found this while we were walking around this morning. We can't wait to bring Harrison and the new baby here someday.

Wee hang on tight! It's great to have a weekend to let loose and swing but even better to come back refreshed to a smiling little boy :)


Kensho Studio said...

This looks like a perfect place to stay.... and warm bread in the morning.... can't beat that!

lab said...

glad you have the blog, with all the memories you guys have created, it would be a shame to foget even one.