Saturday, March 26, 2011

Junktique Sales

I've been working on several house projects that I want to complete before the baby arrives. I'm needing more picture frames for the hallway but I don't want to spend a fortune. This morning I woke up early (actually Harrison woke me up at 5 am but we didn't officially get up until 6) and was ready to hit two junkique sales. The first one was completely insane but I was able to stay focused and I found these picture frames and two lamps. The lamps were a dollar a piece and the frames ended up being $12 for all of them!

On to the next sale, I found the bicycle basket for $1 and thought it would look good hanging in the bathroom for wash cloths. However, after I got home it looked too big so I'll use it in the shed to put garden gloves in. My best find of the day was the antique metal fan. I've been looking at these for years at flea markets but most are between $50-$70. Guess how much this one was??? A whopping five dollars! Whoo Hooo.


Shannon said...

Great finds!! I can't wait to see the lamps and picture frames!

Kensho Studio said...

You found some great things! I love the fan too! And you got a great deal on it! I am looking forward to warmer weather, when the sales start in our area!

lab said...

you did so good. wish i had been there.