Thursday, March 31, 2011

Safety First

I was laying down the other day and Harrison was playing with a flashlight. 

Me: If you shine the flashlight on my belly the baby can see it.

H blasts the baby with the light then proceeds to get his chain saw. Yes, he has a toy chain saw. He then sets the toy on my belly.

Me: The baby can't see the chain saw, only light. But he (or she) can hear.

H cranks up the chain saw for a couple of minutes.

H: Did the baby hear that?

Me: Yes! 

H: Safety is the most important thing, baby.

He's going to be an excellent big brother :)

1 comment:

lab said...

i think harrison will maybe always call his brother/sister "baby". and will spend the next 10 years being his/her mentor, and he has a lot to teach.