Saturday, March 19, 2011


So I found out my sister is coming to visit in about two weeks. I'm pretty excited to see her since it's been awhile, plus she hasn't seen the updated house in over a year. There's nothing like hearing company is coming to kick you into overtime. I have several projects I'd like to finish and now I have a deadline :) 

Remember my candle stick holders? The painting is complete and now the sanding starts (to give a shabby chic feel). I'm still trying to decide where to put them?

On a separate topic, the baby is really getting strong. Right now, he/she is pretending he/she is kicking a soccer ball (which I'm pretty sure is my bladder). Also, the baby is trying to crowd me out of my left hip. It's constant battle with us :)


laura said...

oh, wow, those look great. I need them back........

Kensho Studio said...

I love these ... post them again when they are done and placed in your home.
I hope the baby goes easy on you ... you still have a bit of time to go! I was thinking you were having a girl ... but now with all the kicking .... hum ... maybe a boy?? Did Harrison kick a lot?

lab said...

they sure look better. hope you find a spot for them.